Monday, 6/6/16: 4.08-Mile Run (43:00)

I pretty much wrote last week off as a loss after I only managed to run on Thursday. I had a full weekend off for the first time in ages and I spent most of it laying around and napping, and I think I needed that. But I promised myself that this week I’d run…


Thursday, 6/2/16: 3.48-Mile Run (36:46)

I’ve been super lazy this week and haven’t gotten out for a run until today. I was going to go yesterday, but then I looked at how much time the workout would actually take and decided I had already snoozed past a good time to get up (not strictly true, but I was looking for…


Going the Distance

Most women I know would agree that a new pair of shoes can change your outlook on life. When you’re having a crappy day, a cute pair of flats or a new pair of pumps (that obviously make your legs look amazing) can really turn your day around. I had one of those days today.…


What Reader Species Are You?

Created in the spirit of the Linnaean classification of plants, animals, and fungi (I’m sure y’all remember that King Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti), Kelly’s Reader Species infographic classifies all the different types of readers.


Secret Sisters – Jayne Ann Krentz + GIVEAWAY!

When Madeline and Daphne were young, they were almost as close as sisters, spending their summers helping out at Madeline’s grandmother’s inn…until the fateful night when Madeline is attacked by a guest at the inn, and her grandmother and the inn’s caretaker take matters into their own hands. The secret of what happened to Madeline’s…

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Spookiest Book Covers

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Halloween-themed freebie, and the gals over at The Broke and the Bookish (of whom I count myself one!) decided to do scariest book covers. Here are my 10; check out the collaborative post over there for even more scary covers! The Bad Seed Before I Go to Sleep Reconstructing…