We interrupt your regularly scheduled program for an important announcement: Stephen King is writing a sequel to The Shining!

According to SK’s website, the sequel to The Shining will be called Dr. Sleep, occurs 40 years after The Shining, and features a grown-up Danny Torrence who works with end-of-life patients. The book also involves a traveling band of vampires called The Tribe who are able to feed off of powers like Danny’s.

I’ve got mixed feelings about a sequel to The Shining. I liked the way it resolved; I don’t really feel it needs a sequel. I’m also not that into vampires, but I guess that makes me a minority these days. Well, regardless, I’m sure I’ll end up reading it, just because it’s Stephen King and I know he wouldn’t write a bad sequel…right? Right??

For you Stephen King fans out there: What do you think about this sequel business? Obviously we can’t judge quite yet, but do you think writing a sequel to The Shining is a good idea, or should he just have left well enough alone? I guess we’ll find out when Dr. Sleep hits the shelves!

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