New books!

I have recently come into possession of five new books, thanks to my boyfriend’s parents, who gave me a very generous gift card to Barnes and Noble! I went out today and got three Stephen King novels (The Stand, The Regulators, and Desperation), Villette by Charlotte Brontë, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë. I’m currently about 75 pages into The Stand. It’s been AGES since I’ve read it—a friend borrowed it from me my junior or senior year of high school, and I haven’t seen it since. So I’m really excited to be reading it again!

I had been hoping to get Fanny Burney’s three major works, Cecilia, Camilla, and Evelina (I’m pretty sure I sold back the copy that I read for class last year because it had a lot of extra stuff that I wasn’t at all interested in) but the store had zero Fanny Burney. Any suggestions for a nice boxed set of her novels? I haven’t found anything in my limited search so far.

Anyway, I have a bunch of posts from 2011 that I’ve written but haven’t posted, so those will (hopefully) keep y’all busy while I tackle the 1400+ pages of The Stand. And those of you who have read Villette, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The Regulators, or Desperation: Feel free to tell me what you thought! I know nothing about any of them aside from the little blurbs on the back covers, so I can use all the help I can get. 🙂

P.S.: I think I have finally settled on a posting schedule that will keep me from going insane: I will be posting pretty much on Mondays ONLY, except for special occasions. I wish I had the time to post more often, but it’s just not feasible with such a super-busy job. It’s less the posting time, actually, and more the reading time, of which there is very little. Thus, I will hopefully be able to finish books weekly-ish, write about them over weekends, and post on Mondays. Thanks so much for reading, I so enjoy seeing your comments and having discussions!

P.P.S: Sorry, changed my mind. I decided I wanted to do a regular feature on Tuesdays–Top Ten Tuesdays, a la The Broke and the Bookish. So to keep things even(ish) I’ll be posting my regular entries on Fridays. Sorry for being annoying. But this seems to be what will work best, though I have no doubt I’ll be taking hiatuses (announced and unannounced) in the future, for sure. Thanks for your patience, and as always, thanks for reading. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “New books!

  1. Villette and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall are both on my to-read list. I got the pre-1923 public domain versions for my kindle though. I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about them.

    • Thanks! I haven’t fallen under the Kindle’s spell yet myself, but I can feel it coming on–I borrowed a friend’s once and really liked it. How long have you had yours? Do you prefer it to an actual book? I can see the advantages for traveling, definitely. I just don’t know if I travel enough to make the purchase worthwhile for me. And did you re-buy all the books you already had in hard copy so you’d have them on your Kindle?

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a Kindle discussion–a bunch of questions just surfaced at once and I had to get them out!

      • Haahaa – no worries! I’ve had an eReader for about two years (still have my Sony pocket reader lying about) and have had my Kindle for about 6 months. I really enjoy it, but switch off with real books as if you love used bookstores, you know they’re hard to come out of without purchasing a lot! I definitely prefer it when traveling, commuting and working out (even though I’ll still lug along a physical book if that’s what I’m reading at the time). I haven’t repurchased any books yet, but there are a few I know I’ll get on the Kindle at some point (i.e. Harry Potter when it’s available) because I’ve already worn out multiple copies.

        What I find best is the highlighting sections you want to remember or great quotes and it creates a nice neat document for you.

      • I forgot to include it’s AWESOME now that libraries have Kindle books you can check out – but the wait times are often times crazy (but not any more-so than a regular book)!

        • Ooh that highlighting function does sound really useful! Especially because I always want to remember good quotations to put in my reviews and then can never find them because I don’t like writing in my books or folding down pages or anything. I’ll definitely be looking into it more in the next couple of years–once I have a little more disposable income.

          I don’t use libraries too often as it is (I’m too selfish, I like to own my books, haha) but maybe I’d get into it with the Kindle. Seems strange they’d have wait times, not sure how that works. But my dad just got a Kindle Fire for his birthday and he’s enjoying renting movies and stuff on it, so maybe that kinda thing would be more my speed (if I got a Kindle Fire, that is).

  2. Nice haul, Bridget 🙂

    I absolutely loved Villette. Actually, after I had read the first 100 pages I put it down for a rest but 6 weeks later I came back to it and loved it. The ending is great too – don’t peek! – and I can’t wait to hear what you think when you read it (it made me go “oh!”).

    The Tennant of Wildfell Hall is another great book – Anne’s not quite on a par with Charlotte (for me) but this book is way ahead of its time and makes me wonder how it was received back then. Lookinig forward to both your reviews.

    • Thanks! I’ve heard great things about Villette. Not as many about Wildfell Hall, but from what little I saw on Wikipedia, it’s very forward and–dare I say–somewhat scandalous. Which I’m totally up for!! Gotta love those 19th century scandals, eh? 🙂

      I haven’t read any of Anne Bronte yet, but I’m looking forward to it. So far I like Charlotte rather better than Emily (Jane Eyre was much more my speed than Wuthering Heights) so we’ll have to see where Anne ranks. What do you think of Anne as compared to Emily?

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