Plum Island – Signed by Nelson DeMille!!

A few weeks ago, my dad and stepmom went to a police benefit dinner (they’re both officers) and the speaker was Nelson DeMille, a pretty famous novelist and one who I generally enjoy reading. Tara, my stepmom, was texting me throughout his speech telling me how funny he was and how much she and my dad wished I could be there because I would have enjoyed it. Well, as it turns out, he was doing book signings before and after the dinner, and they got a new copy of Plum Island (one I’d always wanted to read but never gotten around to) signed for me! It just arrived today, so I had to post about it. Check it out:


How appropriate for my blog’s first birthday!! Happy birthday blog! And to my readers: Thanks for making this so much fun!! It would be so boring if I was just talking to myself all the time 🙂

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