Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters in Books

Here is a small sampling of my favorite characters of all time. There’s just no way I could narrow it down to only ten, so take these with a grain of salt.

1. Elinor Dashwood – Sense and Sensibility. This is probably pretty narcissistic of me, but I like Elinor because she’s basically me. As I mentioned in my Sense and Sensibility post, I also have a very Marianne-like younger sister, so I really feel for Elinor’s struggles.

2. Jane Eyre – Jane Eyre. Such a strong, independent woman before it was a “thing” to be a strong, independent woman! Love her morals, love her drive, love her.

3. Richie Tozier – It. I think Richie is one of the best characters King has ever written. He’s a wiseass, it’s a rare thing to find Richie being serious about anything—but far from falling into the trap of making him the one-dimensional comic relief that It so desperately needed, King (thankfully) fleshes Richie out in the way he deserves. He’s more than his coke-bottle glasses and his wisecracks; underneath that bravado is a terrified little kid, and not many people could probably communicate that the way King does.

4. Einstein – Watchers. Yes, one of my favorite characters of all time is a dog. A hyper-intelligent dog, but still, a dog. It’s amazing to watch his personality come out through his rudimentary—and then not so rudimentary—conversations with Travis and Nora. I would argue that Einstein is one of Koontz’s best characters.

5. Four – Divergent. Okay, my shrieking teenage fangirl inner self is coming out here, but for those who have read Divergent: is Four not HOT? Like, omigod. If he was not a fictional character I would jump his bones immediately and repeatedly. Whew. *fans self*

6. Dagny Taggart – Atlas Shrugged. Unrealistic as hell (in that she’s awesome at everything and three awesome men are in love with her) but definitely pretty badass (since she’s awesome at everything and three awesome men are in love with her).

7. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter. What’s not to love about Hermione? She’s super smart, loyal, quirky, though not without her own flaws. She’s a great role model for the young girls who read Harry Potter—she makes it cool to be smart!

8. Primrose Everdeen – The Hunger Games. Awww, Prim. A pretty one-dimensional character, but how could you not love her? She’s the perfect opposite to Katniss’s roughness and bravado. I just want to hug her.

9. Emma Woodhouse – Emma. One of the few Austen heroines (other than, I think, Elizabeth Bennet) who truly undergoes a radical change over the course of the story. I love how dynamic she is, but also how clueless she can be (and also, Clueless is a fantastic movie). Love love love.

10. Deliverance Payne – Tick Tock. Del is absolutely hilarious—one of those characters whose non sequiturs will make your head spin, but in a deliriously awesome way. This is making me want to reread this book…I think I’m going to go do just that!

This weekly meme brought to you by The Broke and The Bookish.

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten All Time Favorite Characters in Books

    • Thanks! There’s no way I would have been able to get through this one without Harry Potter or THG. But there are tons of other characters out there that I love!

    • Thanks! I just had my best friend from college read Divergent while I was visiting her this past weekend and she kept interrupting herself to tell me how hot Four was!

  1. Great choices… I definitely agree with you about Four… nom nom nom…
    Jane would make my list as well… I love any book where the quiet plane Jane gets to win and think that all comes from my love of Jane Eyre. I’m also a huge Hermione fan but what bookish nerdy girl isn’t???

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