Shakespeare Gotta Get Paid!

I often wonder just how many authors would feel this way about students today studying what they’ve written. Sometimes I just have to think that current writers like Mark Z. Danielewski (House of LeavesOnly Revolutions) are attempting to mess with us when they write the way they do—that is, insanely. It reminds me of how, when John Lennon heard that a teacher was having students analyze Beatles lyrics, he added a verse of nonsense words to the song “I Am The Walrus” and reportedly said later, “Let them work that one out.” Thank you, John Lennon, for realizing that art is not always made to be analyzed (and when it is made to be analyzed, there’s a good chance the artist is laughing at you)!

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2 thoughts on “Shakespeare Gotta Get Paid!

  1. Haha, that’s funny. It does make you think though, about how serious we sometimes take books, trying to analyze them and learn things about ourselves and society through them. It’s impossible to know if the author really meant certain things or was just writing to get paid, as in the Shakespeare example.

    • I actually think books are a great way to learn about ourselves (through our own reactions to them) and society (especially ones that we’ll never actually get to experience ourselves, like 19th-century Britain–thanks Jane Austen!). It’s just that sometimes teachers/professors can take it too far and, in a way, almost put words in the author’s mouth.

      I posted a really great cartoon a while ago about it here 🙂

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