What if you had won the Powerball lottery?

http://www.rogerkohlcfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/cash_pile.gifOkay, so, who here bought a Powerball ticket (or several) this week?

I thought about it, but I never actually did it. As large lottery jackpots are wont to do, this one has been provoking some conversations about what people would do if they actually won. As someone who thinks about this on a fairly regular basis (probably more than is healthy), regardless of what the jackpots are currently, I have a pretty set list of things in my head: pay off debt, pay off siblings’/parents’ debt, save a ton for my own children, buy a house, donate to lots of good causes, etc. I imagine many of you have similar right-off-the-bat lists like that.

What I want to know is this: after you’ve taken care of all of your immediate needs, what would you spend the money on? Specifically, what kind of bookish fantasies (because I know you all have them) would you make sure was fulfilled? Mine, personally, would be hardcover first editions of all of Stephen King’s novels and a beautiful library in my house (one to rival the library in Beauty and the Beast) to keep them in. I’d also see if I could bribe him enough to have lunch with me, a mere mortal. But a very rich mortal.

Your turn! Best answer wins 10 internets! 😉

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2 thoughts on “What if you had won the Powerball lottery?

  1. I’m not eligible to answer this question given that I am neither American nor living in America, but if I, through some weird set of circumstances won the lottery I’d finance the creation of an English library in my little town in Taiwan. The rest I’d bank.

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