A book a day…for a YEAR?!

I read an article yesterday on Slate.com about a writer whose New Year’s Resolution last year was to read a book a day for a year. Or at least, an average of a book a day, so 366 books. As someone who read a grand total of 51 books last year, that is INSANE to me. But apparently it worked for him.

Reportedly, he didn’t read one book beginning-to-end every day, but read several books at a time and tried to finish an average of one per day. That almost makes it sound doable, except for the fact that he replaced all his music with audiobooks and most of his internet reading with book reading. As much as I love my books, I’m not sure I could ever replace reading Freshly Pressed and Slate and Cracked and all those other fun sites I’m more or less addicted to with all books, all the time.

On the other hand, it does make me re-think my 60 books goal. If this guy could read 366 books in a year and he has kids, then what’s to say I can’t read, say, 75 or even 100 books? But 100 books is still a book every three or four days, so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll see how these first few weeks of 2013 go and decide from there.

Do you have a goal for how many books you want to read this year? If so, does this article change your mind any? Do you plan to change your habits at all in order to achieve your goal?

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12 thoughts on “A book a day…for a YEAR?!

  1. I could never do it. 75 has been a good goal for me the past few years. I could probably hit 100 if I tried (I came close last year) but much higher than that and it’s just an overwhelming pace to keep up for an entire year.

  2. I’m sure this will cause some stir, but I think this is the type of reader that Stothard was referring to in the Guardian. And I can’t say that he’s wrong. I know last year I read too many books to truly appreciate all those I read and 365 would be a ridiculous amount, how can you even begin to appreciate some of them if you’re reading other books at the same time and not digesting them?

  3. That seems sort of crazy, though if someone paid my salary I might do it. Though in a way — and this sounds heretical — it might make me enjoy reading less if I had to do it all the time. Reading is my escape, I’m not sure I’d want it to be my job!

    According to my Goodreads scorecard, I’ve been reading more each year for the last several years. Now up to ~40 books per year.

    • Only sort of agreeing on the “reading is my escape, I don’t want it to be my job” thing, because I think I’d LOVE to write reviews for a living. But it definitely wouldn’t be enjoyable if I had to read at a book-a-day pace.

  4. I average a book every two weeks. It was more before I had kids, but they’re the priority now, as much as I’d like to cozy up with a cup of tea and a book. To me, any more than 100 books/year is crazy. You have to do other things too, right?

    • Exactly! I tend to read a few books at a time, but that doesn’t always work out well for me. I was reading three or four different books right up until the end of 2012 and I only hit my goal of 50 two days before the year ended. I couldn’t decide what books to read and so I would just play Fruit Ninja instead…

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