Quick Update

I FINALLY finished The Passage yesterday. I probably read about 40% of it over the weekend, but it was actually because I got hooked back in a bit after the middle part. I’ve already downloaded The Twelve, simply because I’d rather pay $14 for an e-book than $18 for a hardcover. Although I still think $14 for an e-book is crazy…but that’s another rant for another post.

I know I have a bunch of reviews to still write from 2012 and I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to go about that. I’ve been really bad at writing things lately. Not that I’ve been writing things badly, I just haven’t been writing at all. But work is busy and wedding planning is busy and I really have no excuse, but I’ll use those anyway.

The REAL reason that I’m writing this post write now is because I’ve just started Rebecca (finally, after wanting to read it forever despite knowing nothing about it other than the opening line) and I’m already in love. Not even 10 pages in and I am SO EXCITED to read this book. YAY. I love feeling like this at the beginning of a book and it seems like it’s been so long since that’s happened…

Anyway, off to devour this marvelous piece of literature!

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