Top Ten Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday 2

Okay, so this is actually going to be my top five bookish memories, because I’m lame and haven’t met any authors or gotten anything signed or anything cool like that, and had to rely on basic experiences that aren’t exciting to anyone else but me. Except maybe the first.

1. Seeing Stephen King in person at UMass Lowell in December 2012. It was an incredible experience, even though I didn’t get to actually meet him or have him sign anything. He’s a great speaker and is very engaging, and has this wonderfully dry sense of humor that definitely comes through in his writing but is even more apparent when listening to him. He’s also a great narrator: he debuted a new short story that hasn’t been published and in fact had never been heard before, and his narration was perfect. He even sort of acted it out a little bit. In short, he is absolutely captivating in person and I fully plan to follow him around the country as much as that’s possible, considering he doesn’t do many appearances. (As seen today on The Broke and the Bookish!)

2. Getting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the day it came out. No, this isn’t a midnight release-party story; this is a story of my parents being awesome. I had gotten Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for my 11th birthday, which was in November 2000, about 8 months before Goblet of Fire was released. Naturally, I had already made it through Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban and I knew that Goblet of Fire was coming out, but for whatever reason I never bothered to ask my parents to take me out to get the book. So anyway, I guess I was just messing around in my room when my dad asked me to go clean up the magazine rack in the den, which my sister and I tended to leave messy. I thought he was mad at me, but when I got to the den, I saw Goblet of Fire sitting there on the rack! Yay!

3. Finishing the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out when I was 17. I truly grew up with Harry, and finishing the series the summer before I left for college was a very (not to be super sappy here) meaningful experience for me. That summer marked the end of my childhood in many ways, and finishing Harry Potter was one of them.

4. Reading Ender’s Game and subsequently making everyone else read it. I read Ender’s Game for the first time when I was twelve, under recommendation from my cousin. I never really had the chance to get anyone else to read it until I got to college, but I had my roommate, my (now) fiancé, and a few other friends read it, and they all loved it. (Related worst bookish moment: completely failing to adequately explain Ender’s Game to a coworker and her subsequent refusal to read about “babies in space.”)

5. My coworker telling me yesterday that she stayed up all night reading Gone Girl. As I’ve already posted, I LOVED Gone Girl. Couldn’t put it down. I mentioned this to a coworker last week who is just as bookish as I am, and said she could borrow my copy if she wanted. She said she was really intrigued by it because a lot of her friends had read it, and all of them hated it!! 0_0 I gave it to her on Friday, and on Monday morning, she told me she had stayed up all night reading it, and loved it. I’m so happy!!

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Memories

  1. Number 3 made me feel all nostalgic! I was 14 when DH was released so I wasn’t ready to let go of my childhood yet but the last film was released the week before my 18th though, so that was ‘the end’ for me! Oh the good old days! 🙂

    Alex @ Like, Words and Stuff

    • Nice! I wasn’t ever really into the movies so the release of the final movie was kind of meh for me, but my coworker who was a year older than me was so psyched about them, she even got a huge glossy book with behind-the-scenes movie stuff for Christmas!

    • Ahhh it was SO GOOD. What was even better was that I wasn’t even into it enough to stay up all night, so when I heard that she loved it even MORE than I did, I was so happy.

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