A Poll for Stephen King Fans

As you guys know, I am a huge, HUGE fan of Stephen King, and one of my favorite novels of his is It. My mom, who has also read a lot of King, haaaaates both It and The Stand, for some reason that I’ve never really gotten her to explain much further than “the endings were stupid.”

Thus, this poll. She suggested I “put my money where my mouth is” and check in with my blogging buddies and fellow Stephen King fans to see how y’all feel about It and The Stand. She has also made the assertion that Pet Sematary and Misery are his absolute best, and “anything else will disappoint.”

I think the easiest way to do this is to ask you, my lovely readers, which Stephen King novel you liked best out of It, The Stand, Pet Sematary, and Misery. Tell us in the poll below! If you didn’t like ANY of those novels, write in your own answer and tell us why in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “A Poll for Stephen King Fans

  1. So first of all so sorry if I have multiple comments. I’m having iphone issues!!

    I’ve been trying to say that I haven’t read The Stand yet BUT my favorites will always be Misery and The Green Mile.

    Out of his more recent works, I love 11/22/63.

    • No worries 🙂 I loved 11/22/63 as well! And don’t get me wrong, I like Pet Sematary and Misery as much as the next King fan, but his epic stories (It, The Stand, Bag of Bones, 11/22/63) will always be my favorites.

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by and vote! 🙂 It’s so hard for me to pick favorites out of King’s work, but I think It is my absolute favorite, followed by The Stand and then a whole bunch of others are in a big tie for third place.

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