Challenge Update: February

Welp, friends, January really got away from me there. I don’t have many updates, but I’ll give you the few that I have anyway.


Goodreads Challenge

I have read 6 out of my 50 books for the year. Goodreads says I’m 2 books ahead of schedule, which is nice! Usually I’m already behind already, so I’m glad to be keeping ahead.



Dive Into Diversity Challenge

Sorry guys, I don’t have any updates on this challenge. I haven’t gotten to any of my listed books yet, but I promise I’ll read at least one in February!



Hail to the King Challenge

I’ve only read one King novel so far this year, and only just finished it yesterday: Rose Madder. It was awesome, but I haven’t reviewed it yet because, like I said, I just finished it. Definitely need a little more time to process that one. Also, I posted a review of The Body last week, but I read it in 2014, so I’m not counting it towards this challenge.


How are your challenges going? Any suggestions for what my next challenge book should be?

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