I’m Glad I Have So Many Like-Minded Friends

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This is the best part about discussing books with friends—being able to talk about the characters as if they’re real, and about the events in the book as if they had actually happened. In a way, the characters are real, and the events of the book did happen, and sharing a book with a friend is the best way to have that joint experience. I love books with multi-dimensional characters because it feels like I’m reading about people I know and care about. It’s the best!

This is an especially fitting post for today because today is my fourth blogging anniversary. I started my book blog on February 1, 2011, during my senior year in college. Since then, I’ve graduated, moved to Baltimore, changed my blog name, gotten engaged, gotten married, moved to South Carolina, made the leap to self-hosting, changed the blog name again, and expanded the blog, so…a lot has happened. Big thanks to all my readers for sticking with me so long and through all my title ADD. Extra-big thanks to Andrew for getting on my case about maintaining my blog. And super-extra-big thanks to my friend Jeff for getting me all set up with this self-hosting dealio, installing WordPress, and being available for me to ask him stupid questions. You guys are the best!

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