The Red Pen: “Apart” vs. “A part”

We Need to Talk About Grammar is a weekly feature in which I complain about grammatical mistakes I encounter all too often. Feel free to commiserate below, and check out the archives here!

“Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day!”

Okay guys, this is one that REALLY bugs me. Not only because it’s, frankly, sort of a stupid mistake, but also because using “apart” instead of “a part” pretty much makes your sentence mean the opposite of what you intended.

Apart – Separated by a distance; at a distance from the main body

A part – A piece or segment of something

Take the example above. What this gushy bridesmaid is really saying is “Thank you so much for letting me be far away from your special day!” Notttt exactly what she was going for. (I mean, I guess if this was a disgruntled, disinvited guest, then perhaps she was passive-aggressively saying exactly what she meant. But in all likelihood, she meant a part.)

Think of it this way: if the sentence still makes sense without the a (“Thank you for letting me be part of your special day!”), you know you need to use a part.

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2 thoughts on “The Red Pen: “Apart” vs. “A part”

  1. This is possibly, the one I hate the most, I recently read a conversation in a facebook group where all of these young girls (all newlyweds, most of them around 19-22 years old) were “SO excited to be “apart” of their new family” UGH.

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