Help Me Finish The Fight Against Cancer!

I was 15, a junior in high school, when I first got involved with Relay For Life.

I still remember the pitch: I was sitting in social studies when the kids fro the “Leadership” class came in to tell us about this cool new event where we could form teams with our friends and camp out for a night on the football field. I’m not sure I even comprehended at the beginning that the point was to raise money; it just sounded like a fun thing to do with my friends.

And it was a fun thing to do with my friends. But it quickly grew into something more; something I enjoyed doing not just because it was fun, but because it helped people—and I found that I liked doing that, too.

In college, I stayed involved with Relay For Life, captaining the team for the marching band. My senior year, I was the top fundraiser for my college’s event, personally raising over $2,700. I applied for a job with the American Cancer Society during my last semester, and was hired that April. I started working for ACS that May, thus launching my nonprofit career.

Since we’ve been here in South Carolina, I haven’t been working. And while blogging has been taking up a lot of my time, I wanted to do something more. So, I got involved in Relay For Life again, and it’s been awesome.

I’m hoping to raise $500 this year. To that end, I will match any donation I receive, up to $250. In addition, I know a lot of people have their own fundraising campaigns that they care about, so if you’re fundraising for something and donate to my Relay For Life page, I will donate the same amount in return to your fundraiser. Just include the link in the comments so I know where to go!

You can donate to my page here. Thank you so much for helping me finish the fight against cancer!

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