Adventures in House Hunting, Part 1

I always thought house hunting would be fun. And most of the times I’ve done it, it has been, and we’ve been lucky to only have to do one round. But now we’re facing Round Two of Fort Bragg house hunting, and I feel like banging my head against the wall.

Manatee Glass Fail

I really thought we’d find something we loved last weekend. And while did find a bunch of things we really liked, they unfortunately didn’t all come in the same house. We saw amazing bonus rooms, beautiful yards, incredible screened-in decks, luxurious master bathrooms, and gorgeous living and dining rooms. But we also saw teeny master bedrooms (seriously, our bed would take up the whole room in some of these houses), dirty/stained carpets and broken tiles, and kitchens with even less counter space than we have now (not to mention ugly countertops). There was also the one guy who wouldn’t stop texting me, offering to “sweeten the deal” so we’d rent his house. Naturally, his was probably the one I liked the least out of all of them, but I couldn’t really tell him that without being super rude, although I was tempted.

Luckily, I have an excuse now: I got offered a job! Starting on April 8th, I’ll be the new part time Group Sales Coordinator at the Marriott Research Triangle Park in Raleigh. We haven’t quite figured out yet how I’m going to work there while still living here—we either need a house ASAP or I need to figure out another arrangement, most likely staying with my uncle who lives nearby for a few days out of the week.

But now that I have this job offer…in Raleigh…most of the houses we looked at are out of the running anyway purely because they’re so far away from Raleigh. There are a few houses we looked at that are slightly less than an hour commute to Raleigh, but both of those were of the “tiny master bedroom” persuasion. SIGH. First world problems, amirite?

It’s so hard to find something that fits all our needs. Part of this is because we’re both picky, and neither of us are super willing to compromise on a lot of the things we want (large master bedroom—at least, large enough to fit our king-sized bed; less than an hour commute for each of us; fenced back yard; carpeted bedrooms; lots of kitchen storage; etc. etc. etc.). We also have a ton of crap, and since no one in North Carolina seems to have basements—stupid high water tables—we have to make sure there are enough rooms/closets to fit everything. There were a bunch of houses that came close to hitting all of these, but just had that one single dealbreaker we weren’t willing to compromise on.

So close!

So close!

So, as you’re reading this, I’m probably either on my way to North Carolina or already there, on my second round of house hunting. Unfortunately, I have to do this one on my own because Andrew’s on call this weekend and there are a few houses that the property managers won’t show on the weekends. Hopefully I’ll come home with something to show for it this time!

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