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Poor Andrew. He works all the time, constantly staying late to make sure he keeps up with his lab work. He gets up super early, so I don’t blame him when he wants to go to bed at 9pm. But since I usually only get up around 9am, going to bed at 9 usually means staring at the ceiling for a few hours before finally falling asleep around midnight…and then the vicious cycle repeats itself.

Luckily, even before the military, Andrew has had this incredible ability to pretty much will himself to sleep, no matter the place or time. Even when he’s slept until 11am on a Sunday, he can hop in bed at 9:00 that night and fall asleep within minutes to make sure he’s rested for work in the morning. I envy this soooo much. But it’s also come in useful to me when I ask if he minds if I read for a few minutes before turning out the light, because he almost never minds.

And that’s how I end up occasionally staying up until 1am to read: not-tiredness and an understanding/deep-sleeping husband are apparently all I need to read all night.

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