The Way To My Heart


This is certainly true for me, if not for most bookish people I know.

It’s funny, whenever I ask for books for my birthday or Christmas people seem kind of let down, like they want me to want something else. I want to reassure anyone who ever plans to give me a gift for any sort of occasion that I’m not asking for books so that you’ll get me something cheap, or something easy. I genuinely probably only want books. Sure, there are other things that I would like, potentially fancier things, but those are the things I enjoy splurging on myself. I always want so many books that after a while I feel guilty buying them. (Though not guilty enough to stop buying them, of course.)

Take this Valentine’s Day, for instance. Instead of buying me something sparkly that I wouldn’t have much of an occasion to wear seeing as I don’t have much reason to leave the house these days (and even less reason to leave the house in anything but jeans), he took me to the bookstore and picked up the tab. We had a lovely day looking at books together, and I went home with seven new friends.


Best. Valentine’s Day. Ever.

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12 thoughts on “The Way To My Heart

  1. Yep, I know what you mean about people being disappointed when you say you want books. I love receiving book vouchers more than anything and yet I very rarely receive any – which kind of makes me sad because it gives me wonderful-guilt free book buying!
    Still, I suppose people want to buy you something that you’re not expecting or will be a surprise.
    I was just looking for a copy of Then There Were None myself a couple of weeks ago – don’t ask me why, it just came into my head so I decided to try and pick up a copy. I ended up with Sparkling Cyanide instead.
    Lynn 😀

    • Book vouchers are the best!! I think you’ve got it right with the “I want it to be a surprise!” thing, which I can understand; I feel that way about gifts for others, too. But I’m always genuinely happy when I get a book or a book voucher for an occasion so hopefully that convinces people!

  2. The absolute best gift is browsing a bookstore with me and telling me to pick some to buy without any of the guilt that tends to accompany unnecessary purchases. I feel similarly about antique shops that sell cool/beautiful but not-too-pricey things.

  3. That’s the best! People get mad at me for wanting books mostly because I read more than a lot of my friends and they assume I’ve read everything already. So then they demand a list from me and at that point it just feels awkward haha. But getting a trip to a bookstore as a present would be too perfect. My boyfriend got my Wild by Cheryl Strayed for Valentine’s Day. He knows me so well.

    • That’s awesome! Yeah, I think part of the hesitation for my family too is that they don’t know *what* books to get me. But I have no problem giving them my Amazon wish list 😉

  4. My family has pretty much given up on me asking for anything other than books 🙂 Occasionally I’ll get the “don’t you want SOMETHING else” response but overall they’re generally willing to feed my habit.

    • Haha, that’s awesome! My family still sometimes insists on buying me other stuff, but I think they’re coming around. My husband, on the other hand, likes buying me books because he can just get on my Amazon wish list and order a few things and be done!

  5. My family figured out when I was a kid that the gift that would make me happiest was a Barnes & Noble gift card. 🙂 It might be a little unoriginal from their point of view, but I have no shame.

  6. I don’t even know why people ask me what gift I want anymore, because it’s always the same answer – a gift voucher for the book shop thanks. I wonder whether the people in my life even know me at all…

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