The Red Pen: “Bare” vs. “Bear”

We Need to Talk About Grammar is a weekly feature in which I complain about grammatical mistakes I encounter all too often. Feel free to commiserate below, and check out the archives here!

Sorry, just bare with me while I get this last one done, then we can go.

What did your friend just ask you to do? Hang tight while she finished her task? Or get naked with her while she finished her task?

Vol. 14 confused gif

Unfortunately, it’s the latter. (Unless you’re into that—then we can go with “fortunately.”)

Bare – Verb. To remove covering from something.
Bear – Verb. To accept or endure something. (This is the definition your friend in the sentence above meant to use.) Also can mean to give birth to something or to support the weight of something. (It can also mean quite a lot more but the definition would take up the whole page so I’m going to stop here.)

You should use bear in the above sentence: “Sorry, just bear with me,” as in, “Sorry, just tolerate me.”

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2 thoughts on “The Red Pen: “Bare” vs. “Bear”

  1. This one used to snare me in its grasp. But, now I just remember that bare always has to do with showing skin, lol, and everything else is bear, unless it’s Bayer Aspirin. 😀

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