Challenge Update: May

Guys, where is 2015 going? It’s already 1/3 over. What the heck?? April flew, so I don’t have many updates for you this month…


Goodreads Challenge

I’ve read 17 out of 50 books, which puts me only one book ahead of schedule. I’m going to need to pick up my pace! April has been so incredibly busy though with my new job and everything that I only managed to read two books. Hopefully May will be better!!


Dive Into Diversity Challenge

Unfortunately, as I said above, I only finished two books in April, neither of which were from my Dive Into Diversity list. Next month I’m hoping to get my schedule a little more regular (plus, BEA!!) so I’ll hopefully have updates then!


Hail to the King

I finally reread The Gunslinger, and while it definitely seemed more coherent this time, I still thought it was dreadfully boring. I am hoping to finish the Dark Tower series as part of this challenge, though, so I’m glad it’s fresh in my mind.

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2 thoughts on “Challenge Update: May

  1. Back in my book selling days I always told customers to stick with the Dark Tower through book 3. That was the one I felt REALLY hooked me and I think it’s the same with a lot of people who struggled with GUNSLINGER. The series as a whole is AWESOME, so definitely try to stick it out. GUNSLINGER is just so western and DRAWING OF THREE is very 80s. By the time you get to WASTELANDS you have all the characters in place and they’re moving through the world. (If you’re not hooked by WASTELANDS, though, it might not work for you.)

    • Good to know, thanks! I did really struggle with The Gunslinger but I’m hoping The Drawing of the Three is better.

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