Top Ten Authors I Want to Meet


I never really thought about meeting authors until getting into blogging—suddently everyone was talking about all these signed books they had and all the authors they had met, and I just couldn’t relate. I still can’t, really, but hopefully I’ll be able to after BEA! Only a few of these authors will be there, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed!

  1. Stephen King – obviously.
  1. J. K. Rowling – obviously.
  1. Kimberly McCreight – I’ve read both her novels, and I really enjoy her writing style. Also, we’ve interacted a bit on Twitter too, which just makes me squee.
  1. Paula Hawkins – After reading The Girl on the Train, all I can think is when is her next book coming out? I’ve interacted a bit with Ms. Hawkins on Twitter as well, also with much squeeing.
  1. Koethi Zan – Author of The Never List, one of my favorite books of the past few years.
  1. John Scalzi – I’ve only read Lock In, but I did enjoy it (despite some minor issues I had with it) and he’s really entertaining on Twitter.
  1. Andy Weir – I just have to meet the guy that did the immense amount of research that must have been required to write The Martian.
  1. Neil Gaiman – He just seems like an amazing person. He’s always publicizing his fans’ causes, and always promoting something of his own. I also love the amazing way he talks about his wife, Amanda Palmer; they’re clearly super in love with each other and it’s adorable.
  1. Gillian Flynn – I love all three of her novels, and would like to meet her to personally request she write another one because it’s been what, three years since Gone Girl?
  1. Lev Grossman – His Magicians trilogy was amazing, and I’d love to meet the mind that came up with such a great series.

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I Want to Meet

  1. Ha! I love how you put obviously next to Stephen King and JK Rowling. JK Rowling made my list and even though I didn’t put Stephen King on mine, it would be epic to meet him!

  2. True story: my sister was fishing in the Allagash and ran into a group of guys, one of whom was Stephen King. The other guys were all totally “No, no – that’s not Stephen King.” But like, have you SEEN Stephen King? Nobody else looks like that. And it was Maine, so.

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