A Sound of Thunder & Other Stories – Ray Bradbury

It’s kind of hard to review a story collection, especially one like this, because it includes 32 completely different short stories. So instead, I’m going to post mini reviews of four of the stories each month, for eight total posts. Here’s the first post with the first four stories! Enjoy!

The Fog Horn

A poignant story about two men in a lighthouse and the unimaginable event that comes to pass there once a year. I read this one before bed one night and it left me surprised at how melancholy I felt.

The April Witch

Like any teenage girl, Cecy wants more than anything to be in love—but Cecy’s not like other girls. She can project her consciousness into anything in the world: animals, raindrops, the headlight of a car. But to marry a human would mean losing her special powers. This too was a sad story, and by virtue of Cecy’s abilities, oddly disjointed. I did really like it, though.

The Wilderness

The year is 2003, and Janice and Leonora are preparing to embark on a rocket to Mars the next day. Can you believe that people thought we’d be living on Mars by the early 2000s? The original iPhone didn’t even come out until 2007. I liked how this one was a single glimpse into a day in the life of two women for whom it was normal to head off to Mars.

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl

A story much like The Tell-Tale Heart, in which a murderer descends into madness as he tries to ensure he hasn’t left his fingerprints anywhere in the victim’s house. This was one of those fun stories where you almost feel as though you’re going mad as you watch the narrator do the same.

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4 thoughts on “A Sound of Thunder & Other Stories – Ray Bradbury

  1. Ray Bradbury is such a fabulous author! I adore his short stories but still haven’t read this particular collection. THE ILLUSTRATED MAN remains a favorite of mine, though.

    • Many of these stories have appeared in other collections, so I’ve read a bunch of them before (A Sound of Thunder and Frost and Fire are a few of my favorites from the first time I read Ray Bradbury in middle school English). They’ve been really nice to read when I only have a few spare moments and need something short and sweet. 🙂

    • Yes, that’s one of the great things about a short story collection! And to put it all in one review would just be crazy since there are so many stories!

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