Only One First Time

We’ve talked at length about books that we wish we could read again for the first time, but usually that feeling comes around only after I’ve finished a book, and sometimes not until years after. It’s pretty rare that I’ll feel that way during my first read-through. Do you ever get that feeling on your first read? I suppose I occasionally feel that way after a big reveal, because I know I won’t ever have that anticipation again unless I forget what happens (which isn’t entirely unlikely, but still).

I have been known, though, to procrastinate on books that I really want to read for fear of being disappointed. Have you ever done that?

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2 thoughts on “Only One First Time

  1. I read Harry Potter #6 verrrrrry slowly. I wanted to savor it! It kind of backfired though because I wanted…more. It just wasn’t what I wanted. I’ve re-read it since and enjoyed it. I think my expectations were too high. I ended up tearing through the last HP (probably like everyone else in the world!) haha!

    • The sixth is almost definitely my least favorite, or at least the most forgettable—I always have a hard time remembering what happens in it. I tore through it in a single day, as I did with all three of the later books, but then I never revisited it as much as I revisited the others, I guess.

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