The Ten ARCs I’m Most Excited About From BEA!


This week’s topic is officially “Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession,” but since the last books that came into my possession are ARCs from BEA and there are over 50 of them, I thought I’d give you my top ten out of those!

  1. After Alice – Gregory Maguire. Really excited to read this alternate take on the classic Alice in Wonderland!
  2. Armada – Ernest Cline. I don’t care about the critics who basically call his books “geek wish fulfillment”—I think they’re fun and enjoyable, and I’m really looking forward to reading this one.
  3. Orphan #8 – Kim van Alkemade. I got to meet Ms. Alkemade twice at BEA, actually, and meeting her and hearing about how the book came to be written has made me all the more excited to read this book! I think it’s actually going to be my next read!
  4. Early One Morning – Virginia Baily. As Chiara Ravello is about to flee occupied Rome during WWII, she locks eyes with a woman who, with her family, is being herded onto a truck—and without thinking, she claims the woman’s son as her own. How intriguing does that sound??
  5. Everything She Forgot – Lisa Ballentyne. The “dark memories coming back” theme is really having a moment in lit these past couple years! This one sounds awesome.
  6. In A Dark, Dark Wood – Ruth Ware. I’ve actually already read this one and it was so good! I started it while I was in line for something or other at BEA (because really, the majority of what I did there was stand in lines, for serious) and finished it the next day and WOW, so good. But I’m still excited about it despite having read it already, so I’m counting it!
  7. Darkness the Color of Snow – Thomas Cobb. This one seems particularly topical what with the recent publication of police misdeeds. I’ll be interested to see how such misdeeds are portayed here—as the daughter and stepdaughter of police officers, I can’t really say I’m unbiased here.
  8. My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry – Fredrik Backman. Normally this wouldn’t be the kind of thing I’m into—I feel like it has the potential to be kind of a cheesy “inspirational” story—but the idea of it is so intriguing that I couldn’t help but grab it.
  9. A Line of Blood – Ben McPherson. Okay, okay, suuuuper cheesy title, but it sounds like a really good psychological thriller, and I’m all about that.
  10. Pretty Girls – Karin Slaughter. This is one I didn’t technically get at BEA (I missed the drop at the Harper Collins booth) but one of my lovely new publicist friends sent me an extra copy she had after BEA. Gosh, sometime networking does pay off, doesn’t it??


What are the last ten books that have come into your possession?

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6 thoughts on “The Ten ARCs I’m Most Excited About From BEA!

  1. Excellent list! I just read ORPHAN #8 and thought it was amazing. I’m trying to squeeze ARMADA in this week and I’m super excited about IN A DARK, DARK WOOD and A LINE OF BLOOD – both are in my wish list.

    • Yay!! Definitely get In a Dark, Dark Wood if you can. Edge of my seat (metaphorically, of course, since for half this book I was standing) the whole time. 🙂

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