Kimberly Discusses Growing Up With Harry

It’s Harry Potter Week at Dog-Eared & Dog-Tagged! This is a guest post by my lovely friend Kimberly, who blogs with me over at The Broke and The Bookish. She also has her own blog, The Bookish Thespian, which you should check out!

The Harry Potter series is pretty amazing. Not just the books, but everything else to do with them. They have an astonishing way of sticking with you. Cheesy? Confused? Let me explain.

I can proudly (and yes it is cheesy) say that I am part of the Potter Generation.

I was ten when I read the first book, and it changed the world of reading for me.

The next seven years were spent reading the books, waiting for the newest one to be released, rereading the books once a year, waiting for the next movie, listing to the audio books, and waiting for the next movie to be released. From one midnight release to the next.

I was 17 when Deathly Hallows was released, I had graduated a month before and would turn 18 a couple days after the release. It was a perfect and bittersweet conclusion to childhood. I truly grew up with the books and the characters.

As a kid, I bonded with the characters over small stuff. Sharing a birth month with Harry. (My birthday is today, the 26th!) Love of reading like Hermione. Hand-me-downs like Ron. Dealing with bullies like Neville.

As I got older, I began to understand everything else on a much deeper level. The professors, the society, a better understanding of what the generation before Harry had dealt with.

Basically, I was lucky enough to enter into the Harry Potter world at the perfect age.

Now I am 26 years old (or will be by the time this is posted, HA). I’m married, have my own home and a rescue dog.

Now, children’s fiction is supposed to be “just for kids,” right? WRONG. Even now it is part of my life. Obviously, since I’m writing this post! 😉

When you walk into my home, you’ll notice my Harry Potter collection. First, the original American editions that I got at each midnight release starting with Goblet of Fire. Next to them is the beautiful paperback edition boxset. I have a chocolate frog card, Tales of the Beadle Bard, and various other Harry Potter trinkets. Pigmy Puff. Bookmarks. The movies.


I am that person. The girl who will cry reading the books, hearing the music, or watching the movies. The one who seriously considered giving her dog a name from the books. The wife that has nagged her husband to read the books. (Are you reading this Daniel?) The friend that recommended the books to any and all of her friends. The driver that always has at least one of the audio books on hand for a boring drive. (Bless you, Jim Dale.)

From 10 to 26…and I don’t see it “going away” anytime soon. I’m going to have kids at some point, and they WILL be Harry Potter fans.


So… cheesy for sure. But honest. I’m sure that at least someone can agree with me.

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2 thoughts on “Kimberly Discusses Growing Up With Harry

  1. So true. I got my mom to read the books when the fifth book came out and now she might be an even bigger fan than me! One thing that Harry Potter (as well as the Tolkein books, among a few other series) left me with was an undying love of adventure; the eternal adolescent is strong in me.

    I love your blog posts Bridget, I had no idea that you were doing these things while we were in Boston together.

    • Thank you, John! I really only started blogging senior year, but I’ve always been quite the bookworm.

      Make sure to check back tomorrow, I think you’ll really like the next guest post I’ve got coming up from my cousin. 🙂

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