I Hunt Killers – Barry Lyga

I don’t think it’s enough to just say that I freakin’ love I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. Seriously, that doesn’t do it justice. We’ll come back to this, but first, here’s the gist:

In this thriller trilogy opener, Jasper Dent lives out his days constantly reminded that he’s the son of notorious serial killer Billy Dent. As if that’s not bad enough, a new serial killer has emerged and he’s following the footsteps of ‘ol Billy. Now Jasper must figure out who this copycat killer is before everyone in town assumes he’s following in his father’s footsteps. We’re given the standard suspects and nerve-wracking scenes customary of murder mysteries, but Lyga adds so much depth to his main character. Jasper grew up learning the tricks of the trade. He knows how to evade the cops, erase evidence, drain the life out of a woman…you know, Serial Killing 101. These lessons haunt him repeatedly through his father’s voice. While Jasper constantly fights his maybe innate need to kill, he still uses his serial killer mindset to mentally overpower people, mostly women, and get his way.

It’s amazing. I was completely lost in this novel, which doesn’t happen to me often. Let’s be honest, I read a ton of YA so I can hold effective conversations with teens looking for books. I love that, a lot, but I sometimes forget to read for fun. It also helps that the other two books in the trilogy were unpredictable in my eyes. Because I read everything under the sun, I often see plot twists miles away, but this series floored me. I have a friend who claims he figured out Game (book 2), but he is a LIAR.

Now back to the beginning. I love this book so much that I can figure out a way to work it into nearly every display I make in the library. Seriously. Romance display for VDay? You’ll find it there. Road trip display? They go to NY in book two, totally counts. Books with black, white and red covers that aren’t Twilight? I haven’t made this display yet, but I guarantee that it would be front and center. Now I’m thinking this is actually a fantastic idea, so that’s great. Our children’s librarian likes to make fun of me for this—whenever she sees me putting together a new display, she’ll immediately ask me how I’m going to fit in I Hunt Killers. Our library staff is currently rotating displays of our personal favorites and I was actually mad that I Hunt Killers was already checked out and I couldn’t include it in my display (Nicole’s Nook, in case you were wondering and I know you were).

So to sum up: this is a book for people who enjoy psychological suspense, serial killers, teens crafty enough to flirt with the cliffs of insanity, and romance! Don’t forget that there is a teen romance packed in there. It went on my romance display and everything.


P.S. The final book is called Blood of my Blood and I stayed up all night reading it and was too afraid to leave my room to pee. I know you were wondering about that too.


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