What Reader Species Are You?

During my bookish travels, I came across a most interesting infographic created by Laura Kelly in 2013. Created in the spirit of the Linnaean classification of plants, animals, and fungi (I’m sure y’all remember that King Phillip Came Over For Good Spaghetti), Kelly’s infographic classifies all the different types of readers. Unlike the Linnaean classifications, however, it’s pretty easy to see how you could fall into more than one of Kelly’s categories!

For example, I’m certainly in the Book Lovers class, and I think I mostly fall within the Compulsive family. I relate to almost all of the “Books as Love Objects – Cherished” types, and almost none of the “Books as Love Objects – Abused” types.

But I also fall into a few categories under “Situational” (The Comfort Reader and The Book Swagger, mostly) and also a few under Social (I mean, how could I be a book blogger but not fall under The Sharer Screamer and/or The Evangelist?).

I am also an unapologetic book snob, so I can absolutely relate to reading for prestige, although most of the types she’s listed are perhaps a bit too snobby even for me. The one I most closely identify with is The Book Snob; I definitely don’t exclusively read award-winning hardcovers (if only because I prefer to wait until it comes out in paperback), but I am certainly very choosy with my books and tend to avoid books that are over-hyped, for a variety of reasons.

I can even find myself in the “Conflicted” family, particularly under The Delayed Onset Reader (I buy so many books that some inevitably end up sitting on the shelf for months, and then I finally read it and can’t believe I waited so long) and The Reluctant Reader (I’ve always loved to read, but always hated the enforced reading of classics; it took me until college to realize that not all classics are dry, fussy, and boring).

It seems the one family I can’t find myself under is the Haters (unsurprisingly)! I guess that means I just have to declare myself Free Range. 🙂

Check out the full infographic below, and tell us in the comments where you fall on the spectrum!

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