Wednesday, 5/25/16: 3.05-Mile Run (30:00)

I took my new shoesies out for a spin this morning!


Today’s Goal: Run 30 minutes

Distance: 3.05 miles

Average Pace: 9’49”

Best Mile: 9’41” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 10’00”

Weather: Sun in and out from behind the clouds; reasonably cool but deceptively humid.

How I felt pre-run: Surprisingly good, seeing as it was 6:45am and I am not a morning person by any stretch.

How I feel post-run: Like I’m melting. Seriously. It’s not even that hot in here but I am dripping.

Run Breakdown:
40% Noticing my shoes correcting my gait
10% Feeling like I’m running through molasses
18% Attempting to un-fog my sunglasses
5% Realizing “Mr. Blue Sky” by ELO gives me a great pace to keep
5% Subsequently realizing I’m not actually fast enough to keep up with “Mr. Blue Sky”
12% Avoiding schoolchildren waiting for the bus
10% Dreading the next hill

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