Friday, 5/27/16: 3.23-Mile Run (32:01)

Andrew’s off today, so I made him get up and run with me this morning. (Great wife or greatest wife?) Neither of us wanted to get up when it came down to it, but we dragged ourselves out of bed and did it. My goal when we set out was to run 32 minutes (which I’ve never done before), and he suggested 32 minutes OR 3.2 miles, just in case we were “super awesome.” It ended up being pretty much a moot point as our average pace was almost exactly 10 minutes per mile.

Today is my second day both with new shoes and with a new playlist. Mr. Blue Sky was a good pace-keeper again until the end when the tempo speeds up. I would also like to thank Rage Against The Machine for making me practically sprint that last quarter of a mile. Hey look, I’ve finally actually run a 5k!


Today’s Goal: Run 32 minutes

Distance: 3.23 miles

Average Pace: 9’55”

Best Mile: 9’48” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 10’12” (mile 3—I had to walk up a hill because I suck)

Weather: Sunny and getting warmer by the minute. There was a bit of a cool breeze when we started, but by the end it was just a breeze and no longer very cool.

How I felt pre-run: Nooooo, it can’t be time to get up yet…

How I feel post-run: I think the giant callus on my left foot is about to peel off and I’m a little scared to check.

Run Breakdown:
20% Yawning
10% Trying to keep up with Andrew
27% Waiting for it to be over
5% Walking 🙁
30% Wondering why my music turns off when I try to check Fitbit
8% Still noticing my shoes correcting my left foot

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