Thursday, 6/2/16: 3.48-Mile Run (36:46)

I’ve been super lazy this week and haven’t gotten out for a run until today. I was going to go yesterday, but then I looked at how much time the workout would actually take and decided I had already snoozed past a good time to get up (not strictly true, but I was looking for excuses to stay in bed). Apparently as payback, karma decided that today would be a good day for it to be 94% humidity. That’s what I get, I guess.

My left foot has also been hurting a bit since getting my new shoes. I assumed it would hurt for a while since it’s correcting an over-pronation that’s been happening presumably forever and working/stretching new muscles and tendons. What I’ve been a little bit worried about though is that it doesn’t just hurt after a run—it’s been hurting pretty much since I got the new shoes, even though I hadn’t run since last week. And what’s sort of weird is that it feels fine during runs; it’s just after that it gets sore. Maybe because it’s only the running shoes that correct it, and the rest of my shoes don’t have that sort of support? If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate hearing them.


Today’s Goal: Week 9, Day 1 of 10K Trainer (Run 10 min, walk 1 min, repeat 4x)

Distance: 3.46 miles

Time: 36’46” (I think my fitbit must be busted, because if you look at the splits/consider the fact that I ran four sets of 10 minutes each, my time is actually a lot more than that…maybe it only timed when I was going fast enough to be considered running?? I was going pretty slowly a lot of the time, and not just when I was walking…)

Average Pace: 10’33” (Again…not sure that’s quite right, but too brain-dead to calculate for myself.)

Best Mile: 9’53” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 11’09” (mile 3)

Weather: Cloudy and a million % humidity. Okay, not really, it was only 94% but that’s more than enough.

How I felt pre-run: Decent, but tired. Then again, I’m never not tired when I get up, so.

How I feel post-run: Honestly felt a little bit like I might pass out—my vision was getting a little weird at the edges and I pretty much had to sit down as soon as I got inside. But the blast of air conditioning when I walked in the door helped a little bit, as did some water. Hopefully the shower won’t make me want to pass out again.

Run Breakdown:
12% Raging Against The Machine
30% Wishing I hadn’t procrastinated on this run for almost a week
23% Trying to run more on my toes (great on hills, but a little scary since you’re leaning forward)
5% Counting down to when I get to walk again
10% “Ugh, I can’t believe a minute goes by that quickly”
20% Trying to time each minute of walking with an uphill (and mostly succeeding)

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