Monday, 6/6/16: 4.08-Mile Run (43:00)

I pretty much wrote last week off as a loss after I only managed to run on Thursday. I had a full weekend off for the first time in ages and I spent most of it laying around and napping, and I think I needed that. But I promised myself that this week I’d run Monday/Wednesday/Friday and even though I did NOT want to get up this morning, I dragged myself out of bed and did it anyway.


Today’s Goal: Week 9, Day 2 of 10K Trainer (Run 10 min, walk 1 min, repeat 4x)

Distance: 4.08

Time: 43’00” (Makes a lot more sense than last time even though I’m pretty sure I did the same workout. No idea what happened with the last one.)

Average Pace: 10’32”

Best Mile: 9’40” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 11’10” (mile 4)

Weather: Cloudy and humid, but there was at least a little bit of a breeze.

How I felt pre-run: It took me an hour to get out of bed. You tell me.

How I feel post-run: AHHH SWEAT IN MY EYE!!

Run Breakdown:
100% Hating everything, pretty much.

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