Saturday, 6/11/16: 3-Mile Run (30:21)

Andrew and I are visiting his parents this weekend to go to the annual barn dance given by their neighbors. I haven’t missed one since we started dating; this’ll be my eighth in a row. He’s only missed one in something like 15 years, and it’s when he had to go to BOLC during the summer of 2014. (Yes, I still went without him. I took my mom as my partner instead!) We drove up yesterday and had planned to get up early and run before we left, but ended up deciding it was more important to get on the road sooner rather than later and promised ourselves we’d run today instead.

So this morning we got up early and drove to the park, which is adjacent to the local middle school and high school, and ran around there as well as a bit in the surrounding neighborhood. He lives in a valley and it’s pretty stunning:


The route was obviously unfamiliar to me, which was good and bad—it was fun to run a new route but I wasn’t prepared for the elevation changes (all minor, but still). In any case, it was a good run, and next week I’ll hopefully get started on Week 10 of the 10K Trainer!

Today’s Goal: Run 3 miles

Distance: 3.00

Time: 30’21”

Average Pace: 10’09”

Best Mile: 9’58” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 10’10” (miles 2 and 3—they were both 10’10”)

Weather: Pretty nice—mid 60s, partly sunny (though got sunnier as we ran), definitely humid though. But the view made up for it.

How I felt pre-run: Meh. Slept on a pull-out couch and dreamed of work all of last night, so I wasn’t super thrilled to be waking up.

How I feel post-run: Pretty good! This is a shorter run than I’ve been doing recently so I think my body is grateful for the break.

Run Breakdown:
30% Enjoying the view
6% Waving to cows
18% Pulling up my pants (they’re new and I guess don’t fit as well as I thought they did…so annoying!!)
10% Watching the ground and trying not to break an ankle
32% Trying to figure out where our next turn would be
4% Overshooting that next turn a little bit

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