Wednesday, 6/22/16: 4.51-Mile Run (47:30)

Almost every morning that I get up and run, I have to wonder: who the hell am I? I am a person who hates getting up early and who hates running, and yet I’m doing both—I’m even doing one in order to do the other. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and yet I do it. Sometimes, anyway. I know who I want to be, though: I want to be someone who does like running, who gets up early to run because she looks forward to it (not because it’ll be too hot any other time of day and the treadmills at work suck). I hope that one day I can be that person effortlessly, but for now I guess I’ll keep forcing myself to pretend to be her.

Even if it wasn’t super hard to get up this morning, weirdly, my right knee kept me up all night. Maybe kept me up is the wrong thing to say—it’s more like it kept waking me up. One of the ways I get comfortable in bed is to stretch everything out, especially my legs, and then relax, and I guess I do it in my sleep, too, and almost every time I did it, I felt like I was tweaking my right knee. It didn’t hurt to stand/walk/run, which I’m grateful for, and I’m actually trying to get it to do it right now and I only got to do it a little so I have no idea what it could be. I’ve never felt that sort of pain before. Not that it was super painful or anything—just that I guess I’ve never injured that particular muscle or tendon or whatever the heck it is that’s twinging. Any ideas? It seems to be on the right side of my right knee. Is that my ACL or something?

Anyway, my run was alright today. My pace was better than Monday, which is what I was hoping for, although I was really hoping to stay under 10’30” overall pace. Oh well, I was close.


Today’s Goal: Week 10, Day 2 of 10K Trainer (Run 15 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat 3x)

Distance: 4.51 miles

Time: 47’30

Average Pace: 10’32”

Best Mile: 9’47” (mile 1)

Worst Mile: 11’26” (mile 4)

Weather: Very sunny and warm. It was also a bit windy, which I usually appreciate, but today it seemed to mostly be blowing in my face when I was running uphill. I was going so slow at times that I felt like I was moving backwards.

How I felt pre-run: Not bad, honestly. I was concerned about my knee but it didn’t give me a problem at all.

How I feel post-run: I think one of the blisters on my foot might have finally popped. Yuck.

Run Breakdown:
31% Telling myself to keep running (and not give up and start walking)
4% Walking (mostly because I was supposed to but not all)
27% Wondering if you can get sunburned at 7am
5% Aiming for sprinklers
33% Dreading hills

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