Hi! I’m Bridget. I am an Army wife, a book addict, an amateur cook, and the new momma of a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Maisie:


Though I’m new to being an Army wife, the military is something I’ve known my whole life. My dad retired from the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant, and my uncle (and godfather) is an Army Colonel at West Point. I spent a decent amount of time in my later high school years cheering on Army Football at Michie Stadium, and even briefly entertained the idea of applying to West Point myself—this idea, obviously, was pretty short-lived.

Instead, I went to Boston College, where I met Andrew in 2008. After he graduated, he went to the University of Maryland for dental school on an Army HPSP scholarship, and a year later, I followed him to Baltimore while he finished school. We got married in April 2014, a few weeks before he graduated from dental school. And with that, I became an Army wife.


On this blog, you’ll mostly find ramblings about books, thoughts on Army life, personal updates, writing tips, and perhaps the occasional recipe—if, of course, I ever decide to learn to make something more complicated than baked ziti. (My baked ziti is pretty bomb, though.) I always appreciate hearing from readers, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment or shoot me an email through the contact page if you want to chat!

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Despite the best efforts of my high school English teachers, over the past few years I’ve discovered that I actually quite enjoy writing when it’s not about symbolism in James Joyce. If you enjoy my writing (and God bless you if you do), here are a few other places around the web where you can find me:

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