Book Pain

Book Pain

Have you ever found that perfect reading position, just to discover five minutes later that your muscles have entirely seized up and it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as you thought it was?

Many Lives


    This isn’t necessarily “funny,” but I thought it was true and needed to be shared. 🙂 I have so many friends that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t read (and that includes real life friends; I’m not just talking about the characters who feel like my friends), including all of you lovely blogging…

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Blogiversary Special

Good morning readers, and happy Super Bowl Sunday for those of you in the States! (GO RAVENS, btw.) In honor of my blog’s second birthday on Friday, you guys are getting SIX funnies this morning, all via someecards. I completely agree with 100% of these (especially the book hangover one), and I’m guessing most of…