HAIL TO THE KING: A Year With Stephen King


When I discovered the 2015 Hail to the King reading challenge, hosted by Books With Cass and The Pretty Good Gatsby (awesome blog name, by the way!!), I had to sign up. If you know me at all, you know I’m a Stephen King nut, so this challenge was basically made for me. Read as much Stephen King as I want and then (maybe) get rewarded for it? I’m in. It will also mesh perfectly with the Stephen King Week I have planned from Sunday, September 20 – Saturday, September 26 (his birthday is September 21) as well as my general goal to read his entire repertoire.

Here are my answers to the Intro Questions:

  1. What got you into Stephen King? Honestly not sure. I was into V. C. Andrews for a while (horror/romance), and I think my parents told me that if I liked V. C. Andrews I’d probably like Stephen King.
  1. How long have you been a fan? Or are you a newbie? I’ve been reading Stephen King for at least a decade. I think I read my first King novel when I was…13?
  1. First King book you read? Did you like it? The first Stephen King book I ever read was The Stand, and it remains one of my favorite books of all time.
  1. Level you’re aiming to achieve! Definitely going for “Fearless” here. I think I have it in me to read 16 Stephen King novels/short stories this year!

Many thanks to Cassie and Leah for hosting this!

2 thoughts on “HAIL TO THE KING: A Year With Stephen King

  1. I’m shooting for the Fearless level as well. But I am cheating a little bit by finally reading Night Shift. I’ll also be reading Full Dark, No Stars for the first time, I already pre-ordered Finders Keepers and I would love to reread some of my favorites.

    • Full Dark, No Stars was really good! I read it last year but didn’t post any reviews, so those will be going up this year. I’ve read Night Shift as well, but I don’t remember it super well. I’ll have to re-read. 🙂

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