The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 3: The Horse and His Boy

The Horse and His Boy is the third installment in the Narnia series by C. S. Lewis. It takes place during Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy’s reign in Narnia—but actually has very little to actually do with Narnia until the end.

Shasta, the son of a poor Calormene fisherman, one day overhears his father, Arsheesh, offering to sell him to a wealthy nobleman. Through listening to the conversation, Shasta discovers he is not the fisherman’s son at all: many years ago, Arsheesh discovered Shasta in a small boat that mysteriously washed ashore, and raised him as his own. Dreading his fate as a slave to the nobleman, Shasta contemplates running away, deciding to make that thought a reality when he discovers the nobleman’s horse is a Talking Horse from Narnia.

That night, Shasta and Bree begin a journey from Calormen to Narnia. Along the way, they meet up with another Talking Horse, Hwin, and her rider, Aravis, a young Calormene girl intent on escaping an arranged marriage. Together, they endure the bustling crowdedness of Tashbaan, Calormen’s capitol city, and the blistering heat of the desert, sometimes getting separated before finding each other again. Eventually, they make it to Archenland and then on to Narnia, where Shasta learns his true origins—and finally finds peace and plenty.

I don’t have much to say about this one other than that aside from the blatant racism, it was a pretty cute story. Didn’t hold my attention as well as the other two that I’ve read so far, but it was definitely one I’ll want to make sure to read to my kids: lots of good morals, a decently exciting story, intrigue, mystery, talking animals…good stuff.


P.S. Was it a really long week for everyone, or is it just me?? Either way, happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 3: The Horse and His Boy

  1. I forgot how much I loved Hwin and Aravis. Such strong female characters! Definitely adding to the I should re-read these persuasion (not that it took much) 😀

    • Yeah! I kinda thought Aravis was a jerk at first (I mean…she really was) but she was definitely a strong character. I liked Hwin a lot too because she sort of reminded me of Fanny from Mansfield Park, what with her always being sensibile and basically right about everything, haha…

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