Reading the TV

This is a problem I’ve always had with foreign films. Sure, I want to be cultured, I guess. But watching movies with subtitles is really not my thing. I’m not a huge movie person in the first place, and the addition of subtitles makes me even less likely to want to see a movie. I always find it way too difficult to actually concentrate what’s going on because I’ve gotten so caught up in trying to “read” the movie.

The same thing happens to me in waiting rooms where the TVs almost ALWAYS have closed captioning on–and of course, it’s always about 10 seconds behind what the people are actually saying, and it drives me NUTS because one half of my brain is listening to what’s going on, but the other half insists on reading the closed captioning. Again…if I wanted to read, I would read <i>a book</i>. I don’t want to read the TV.

Anyone else have this problem?

(P.S., don’t take this as a diatribe against closed captioning. I’m sure it’s a wonderful resource for those who are hard of hearing. It’s more of a diatribe against my stupid brain for having this obsessive need to READ EVERYTHING, even when I don’t even consciously want to.)

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4 thoughts on “Reading the TV

  1. I have the same issue!! I agree. I don’t want to read anything while i’m watching something. It drives me nuts too that the words on the screen never match up with what they are saying.

  2. I used to feel this way about foreign films and then saw Amelie (french film) and was absolutely hooked.

    One of my really good friends, Adam, was the same way. I don’t want to read subtitles and all that jazz. Showed him Amelie and he had the same reaction I did.

    We’re now hooked on foreign films and can’t get enough.

    I can totally understand your hating to read through a film, though! To each their own! (Great graphic though!)

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