Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday 2

1. I love Ayn Rand. Maybe this shouldn’t really be a “confession” since there are plenty out there who like her, but there are also plenty who hate her and would totally judge me by this. So, yes, I love Ayn Rand—this does not mean that I agree with everything that she says, I just like her fluid, unapologetic style.

2. I rarely read books that were assigned to me in school. Okay, so I sort of read them. But most (especially Great Expectations and Tale of Two Cities) I just skimmed, if that, and then read sparknotes to catch myself up. This was partially due to the fact that some of the books I had to read were old and moldy—I specifically remember wanting to barf half the time I was trying to read Tale of Two Cities because the book smelled so bad—and partially due to the fact that I hated that reading felt like such a chore.

3. I’m really bad at retaining stuff I read. This scenario happens all the time: I finish a book, demand that my boyfriend read it immediately so we can discuss it, and then promptly forget 70-80% of what actually happens, thus rendering the discussion pointless. I’ve read Persuasion about three times and still can barely remember what happens. I think this is because I’m a skimmer by habit (see #2), but my results often seem a little skewed because my boyfriend is one of those people who can read something once and pretty much remember it forever, so I imagine that when I make him read a book so he can discuss it with me only to find out that I don’t remember more than half the book two weeks later, he must be thinking, “Did she even READ this book?”

4. I have books that I bought YEARS ago that I still haven’t read. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I still feel bad that The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and Like Water for Chocolate are still sitting on my shelf after like two years, and yet I’ve been devouring Stephen King books that I’ve already read by the handful. Oh well, I really do have to be in a certain mood for the classics, and that mood has not been showing up very much recently…

5. I’m not very good at expanding my horizons. This goes for most aspects of my life, not just books, but I am truly pretty bad at reading outside my comfort zones, which are basically “Jane Austen” and “Stephen King.” Of course, there is some wiggle room there; for example, “Jane Auten” can be expanded to “18th/19th Century British Literature,” so it would include Oscar Wilde, the Brontës, Fanny Burney, etc., and “Stephen King” can be expanded to “horror/sci-fi/thriller/crime,” which would then also include Dan Brown, Nelson DeMille, Dean Koontz, Orson Scott Card, etc. But there are still SO MANY genres out there that I haven’t explored but I’m a weenie and I’m afraid to try! 🙁

6. Check out my contribution to today’s collaborative post on TBTB!

Sorry, readers, this is all I can think of today—this was a hard topic! What are your bookish confessions?

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