Yes, Like A Book


Yes, yes I was reading a book. That’s not to say that I won’t read other things, especially when a book isn’t available. If I don’t have a book, you can often find me reading one or more of the following: magazines (that was an easy one), Facebook/other things on my phone (another easy one), instruction manuals, the backs of cereal boxes, nutrition facts and ingredients on any food item I happen to have handy, random pieces of brochures from the depths of my purse or backpack that haven’t completely biodegraded yet, menus, posters/ads/billboards/subway maps, CD/DVD cases, and of course the occasional random scrap of paper that comes floating along on the wind…

What’s your favorite thing to read when you don’t have “real” reading material readily available?

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Like A Book

  1. I always read nutrition facts! Or if I’m in the bathroom, I read the back of shampoo bottles, haha. There are always blogs to read when I’m out of books too. =]

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