Saturday Shopper: Bookish Clothes, Jewelry, and More for Your Favorite Readers

Saturday Shopper

Every Saturday I feature a few pieces of awesome bookish attire, accessories, and tchotchkes that will brighten any book-lover’s day. Check out this week’s finds below, and check out Saturday Shopper’s archives here!

Welcome, friends! I realize the big gift-giving season has just passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise your favorite book-lover (or treat yourself!) with a small post-holiday gift! I know your credit cards are all maxed out and your bank accounts are drained, so here are a few items for under $15:

Library Card Socks via Out of Print: $10


An adorable gift for any bibliophile, these socks will keep your favorite library nut nice and warm during these winter months.

Expecto Patronum Aluminum Ring via Etsy: $10

Your Harry Potter-lover will always be protected from dementors when she wears this ring.

Read Necklace via Etsy: $9.95

What do readers enjoy more than telling others to read? Your favorite reader will love this necklace.

I hope everyone had wonderful holidays and received all the bookish gifts their hearts could desire! Did you get anything extra special? Let me know in the comments!

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